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She was Once
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exam alert!
Written at 2:49 PM on Monday, October 1, 2007 0 comment(s)

with A2 just around the corner(16 days to be precise),i really do feel gan cheong and i really wanna study...but after studying for a lil' while...really a lil' while only....start feeling sleepy d...probably cause ate too much d just now...hmm...no lunch for me tomorrow...after finishing up at least half the tort book only get to makan...this way,i sure will study lo..because i wanna eat ma...hehe!tam chiak tam chiak....hey!eating is *fook* lai u know?should be thankful to be able to eat....and besides,we are helping our country's economy by eating..it's called the multiplier effect....help me stay awake....any ideas how?