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She was Once
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family gathering
Written at 8:39 PM on Saturday, October 13, 2007 0 comment(s)

this weekend,is my family gathering..my parents drove down here...i saw my sis yesterday night and i saw her acting weird...den after that,i saw that her ear like got an extra hole d..i told her no more piercing d and she never listen..even though,she did promised me that she won't be piercing any more holes and i saw that she did,it made me felt kinda sad...most of you would think that i must be some sort of control freak but i'm actually not...why do i do all that..it's not that i wanna control my sister but to me,i've been a lot,a lot more then my sister and i did regret some decisions i made and i know what is wrong and right..i tried my best to make sure that my sister don't go down the same track as mine but whenever i asked her to do something and she don't wanna do it..it breaks my heart as all i wanna do is to care for her but she just don't understand and think that i'm just nosy and ke po...i don't know what else to do d...sometimes,i feel like giving up on her...just like the way i've given up on my bro...it seems that i'm working hard to make sure that me and my sister don't end up like me and my bro but it seems that i'm the only one doing all the work...i hate this feeling so much..hopefully,my sis don't make me give up on her because once i do,there's no more turning back....if i do,we might be sister in name but we won't be close anymore...i really do love her and care for her but.........