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first paper
Written at 8:27 PM on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 0 comment(s)

tomorrow at 8 i'll be sitting for my first paper...i don't know why i don't feel nervous at all...and the reason ain't because i'm well prepared...this will be my most important paper to enter degree and yet,i feel like tomorrow will be just another day...i feel so nervous for not feeling nervous for tomorrow's paper..today,i'm very "guai" for i did not on my laptop the whole day till now...i didn't even on it while i was eating lunch...i recently notice that i always eat super slow....usually,Carly and Jess will be the ones eating slower than me and now i'm always the last one...very "paiseh" leh...i'll be finishing my last paper on 22nd November and A-Levels farewell party will be on the 23rd November...my parents might come down to KL on the 23rd and stay a night at my uncle's house and on the 24th,they might come down to Nilai and we might stay at Allson Kelana a night and drive back on the 25th...anyone got part time jobs?i can't work because i'll be busy most of the month but my pocket really have a big hole in it d...i wanna work...i like it very much when my bank account have lots of numbers in it...hehe...if anyone don't mind,you can bank in some pocket money for me as well...i crap a lot....haiz....after my A-Level,i'll be having my spring cleaning...REALLY ONE...My room look like medicine shop now with all those herbs lying around...i will drink all of them in one month..hehe!i will be very "pu",to make sure that i don't fall sick....


guai=goody two shoes