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She was Once
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forgiven-yes forgotten-?
Written at 8:11 AM on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 0 comment(s)

this morning,I've decided to forgive and maybe forget the bad memories which two people gave me...well,yesterday,one of them called me and i finally decided not to be angry at him anymore and talk to him like normal....when i was angry,i would usually go like,"what?","why u call me?" and "anything?" then i would not waste more then one minute on this guy....because of the one message he sent me which made me very angry..he was the guy who message me the "let's not talk anymore" message..if ANY of you guys were following my blog,you guys would know...

another guy which i decided to forgive and forget was the one who lied to me about his relationship with my friend...also in one of my post....well,i think that being angry at people were never my thing...those feelings really drain me out and it only causes me to be angry at people who were dear to me simply because i couldn't yell at those two imbeciles...well,forgiving them really took quite a burden off my shoulders and hopefully,i'll be able to forget those bad memories they gave me...i don't wanna be mad anymore....

exam really seems to take a long time to finish....but after the exam,everyone is going to take a trip here and there....haiz....lonely lonely me..but not to worry,i'll be going to Cambodia and Thailand too....did any of you guys ate MONKEY BRAIN before? I was told,they tastes like Tofu..I dont know how true is that....but i know it really is costly...well,at the back of my mind,i probably would like to try it out because it will be a once in a lifetime experience but on the other hand,i know i shouldn't because they might extinct if everyone ate their brain..and we might grow lots of hair just like them..hehe!

I'll be getting everyone farewell gifts for the farewell party and everyone better get me something as well... MUST!!!!