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She was Once
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Written at 9:26 PM on Thursday, October 18, 2007 0 comment(s)

How to make your relationship work

1. Understand that every relationship is different. Don't compare your relationship to anyone else. Not your parent's, not your friend's, not your co worker's, not any other family member's, not that couple's relationship that seems perfect all the time, not anyone's, because that won't help.

2. Work on your relationship every single day. Do your part to contribute towards the relationship and keep it going and moving along. Maintain the relationship in every way possible. Work on strengthening your relationship, enriching it, in every way possible, on all levels possible, and in all areas possible (emotional, verbal, psychological, physical, etc.).

3. Get mental! The emotional, verbal, and psychological sides of the relationship are really more important than the physical or sexual aspects of the relationship. Work on creating, developing, strengthening, and enriching the emotional foundation or aspect before any physical involvement occurs.

4. Use the help available. You have lots of resources to use as an advantage to making your relationship better: Internet articles, magazine articles, and books are various examples. There are tons of these that are just specifically dedicated to giving advice about relationships. Use them! Whatever you can do to improve, enrich, and strengthen, your relationship (with the help of the resources available), do it!

You'll be wondering will this freaking even work. Well, sometimes It does ;)