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She was Once
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mourn for baby
Written at 10:35 PM on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 0 comment(s)

one of my baby got hurt trying to protect my bed from enemies who not only sat on him and farted but also kept sitting on my bed and making my matress "run shape"<---it will make more sense in cantonese....she hurt her leg badly....let's all spend 1 minute to mourn for her injury...the doctor is not working here anymore and i don have the instruments to make her feel much better..so she'll have to protect the bed this way till i find the stitching tools...

she was just doing her job when suddenly,someone attacked and she became...




her wound up close...he said,"don't worry mistress,it's my honour to protect you and the bed...i'll defend u till death..."

O..I feel so touched....I love u baby...

P/S:I'm not crazy....