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She was Once
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a once true love
Written at 7:40 PM on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 0 comment(s)

Farewell My Love

Farewell to you my love,
I can't longer give you my heart,
I kept my love for a long time,
Waiting for you to come back.

Farewell to you my love,
Don't doubt that I don't love you,
You're always on my mind,
And never forget in a time.

Farewell to you and never hate me,
It will hurts me with regrets,
thinking of you in silence,
Makes my heart tears with sadness.

Farewell my love,
My time is over,
I need to go,
And pursue my solemn vow.

people say that if you have once of a true love,you are truly blessed...if so,i think even though i did love,i don't think so i've met my true love yet..i think true love is somewhat like that of a fairy tale...you fall in love and you love,forever and in the end of the story,there will always be a happily ever after...i wanna experience at least one true love before i die...i really do envy those who have had met their soul mates...i hope to be just as lucky as they are...if every relationship i had counted as true love,i don't think so i would be able to appreciate love again....i really do love in every relationship but as true love,i don't think they are...

O,my dearest one,where O where are you?

P/S:do ignore the fact that i'm acting weird here...sorry!