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She was Once
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public transport
Written at 7:21 PM on Friday, October 12, 2007 0 comment(s)

i love the fact that public transport has brought us a lot of benefit..there are less unemployment because public transport brings in job for the people and that it would be easier and more convenient to get to a place as the people no longer need to be afraid of traffic anymore as they are not the ones driving...besides that,it's much cheaper as the cost are much shared....besides that,for a car to travel to a place,compared to a bus,the car would be more expensive....as in the bus,the cost is shared by so many people...but,in public transport,there are so many people in it especially in the ktm..just now i sat in the ktm and i travel for quite a long journey...got a guy..damn geli...i ade sat in the corner d..get squeeze by so many people d and hardly can breathe d...that guy a...geli only...his hand keep on coming nearer and nearer and his head getting lower and lower and he almost slept on my shoulder...when i see him getting near,i stood up and he hit his head against the glass...den i let an old man sit in my place and surprisingly,the geli man no longer felt sleepy =.=" sometimes,i feel so disgusted with guys....why can't they have more respect for girls and why they can't respect themselves....just now i went for lunch with my aunt and uncle and my cousin and i saw a banner for the bak gua and they used a girl wearing hardly any clothes and she was squatting down with a guy feeding her bak gua...disgusting right?make it look like girls deserve no respect at all...i don't know why in a guy's eyes,sexy would be having nothing on...made me felt so disgusted at guys...hopefully,not all guys are like that....ewwwwww......though,everyone said that girls and guys are equal in the world now but i think i some people minds,girls are still girls and guys are guys...they still feel that guys should be more powerful than girls...i told a guy friend about this and he told me that guys could be naked anywhere but girls can't take out their clothes in public..i replied him by saying that why would you wanna be naked in public?he told me,"because i can".... =.="