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She was Once
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Written at 11:17 PM on Monday, October 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

do you realize how much one must sacrifice and work at to remain a relationship?I'm not just talking bout the relationship between lovers but also about relationship withing our very own family.....do you think a team will be able to function well if the team mates don't work together?i do adore my family...not just my immediate family but my relatives as well....but i think I'm not really close to my cousins even though i really want to...probably because of our distance and probably because i have one too many....I'm much closer to the relatives from my mum's side...i don't think so i would be able to recognize most of my dad-side-relatives even if i do meet them on the road....why am i writing bout these?well,just now i read my cousin's blog,Alicia...and i notice that we probably can't be close to our relatives if we stay far away...close..maybe but close as in best-friend-close,i don't think so....every time we meet,it's probably when someone gets married or new year....and every time,it's probably the same question..."how's ur life,how's ur studies,got bf d not?"well,even though i can't be that close to them,I'm glad to have them as my cousins and if ever they do get into any trouble,I'll still be there to support them....today,my boyf read my blog and said i don't write much bout him....ya,he's probably right...probably because we fight a little too much these days and I'll always end up being angry at him or being sad....to me,meeting him was really a gift..he's probably a good dad but he's not a good boyf....he's not romantic but he's sweet...I'm not even sure there's a future in it between us but I'm really trying my best...i never did imagine him in my future but i really do love him.....well,maybe it's a little too early to judge and well,even if we did not end up together,I'm glad we've been together b4....being with him,I've gone through a lot...u have to know,I've never ever put in so much effort in a relationship before....every other relationship I've been in never lasted more than 3 months...because those 3 months were the sweet period where we could never argue...i used to love it so much...but when i learned to take responsibility,it wasn't the only thing I've learn,responsibility comes with a lot of other stuffs...sometimes sweet,sometimes not....but being responsible means that we've gotten wiser and I'm proud to say,I'm much more responsible than what i used to be.....