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She was Once
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stolen from carly's blog
Written at 1:01 AM on Sunday, October 21, 2007 0 comment(s)

Shocking yet Absurd.Absurd yet Shocking.Either Way.
Posted at: 10:57 PM
This irrational piece of news caught my attention while I was browsing around reading up some news.
The title was: Oops... man she had sex with not her husband.
This was extremely disturbing. You see, this lady went to bed and felt somebody (she perceived as her husband) next to her. Probably grinding up on her because she signalled it as SEX. Or maybe she was becoming way too horny for missing out the actions during her husband's absence (he went to work). So what prompted her to have sex or as described by NST, reacted to "what comes naturally"? The curiousity is just killing me! Are both men lookalike? Are their physiques almost the same? (nevermind the guilty pleasure of questioning the size of penis) More to come... the touches? The breathing? The scent of body? The sound (bravo if he resisted from moaning, or she muffled his)? Not that I'm thinking dirty, just a natural act of questioning something so absurd and irrational! Worst of all... I used to have the thought that a married couple has a special kind of bond only either parties recognize. And having to be in that relationship for a period (she's 40), I suppose they do have that bond somewhere and somehow. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO HAVE SEX TO A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON AND NOT REALIZING IT???!!!So now she's suing the lucky-but-turned-unlucky man who somehow just maybe a man being at the wrong place at a wrong time (he's the husband's co-worker) and got lucky for the first time but was crushed to bits when the REAL husband stepped into the door. And I'd like to see the statutary law's definition for rape in Malaysia just to wonder if she can bring the actions to court. Not that I own any Malaysia Law books. Kudos to the lady. She managed to do the impossible. Carly asked if could the lady sue and win the case?well,my malaysian law is totally ungraded k?my knowledge on malaysian law is so low but from a normal person's perspective,i think she would be able to sue and win because:

1. The guy should have had stopped the woman if he did not intend to have sex with him.
2. The guy might defend himself by saying maybe because the woman was horny and came up on him...but in the first place,what the heck is he doing in their room?
3. The woman lost something precious as opposed to the guy who have had advantage in it...what i mean to say is that the woman have had to lose her face by explaining it to her husband den now the newspaper?
4.The guy could defend himself by saying the woman should've known it was not the husband because of all the different thing Carly mentioned in her post....but the woman could've said she was tired and did not think all that much and that because both guys were working in the same place,sometimes when workers work in the same place,they will have the same smell from the workplace...