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She was Once
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when it hurts so bad
Written at 11:10 PM on Thursday, October 4, 2007 0 comment(s)

what would hurt a person the worst?what pain could someone feel that could possibly tear her apart and making her treat that person so differently.....for me,it hurts so bad when you know you care so much for them only to have them not care the same back for you....it hurts so terribly much....it just makes you feel that all your effort has gone to waste....i do not deny that i treat a person good because i want him/her to treat me back the same way.....even though,sometimes,people say that treating someone good doesn't necessarily mean that you expect people to treat you back that way....well,i think all of those kind and caring words are B U L L S H I T....well,in my opinion...though i guess there really are people who would be kind though.....because sometimes when i feel kind enough,i would help someone in return for nothing....this just goes to show,sometimes,maybe,just maybe,people would be kind enough to take some time off from their busy schedule just to slow down in their life to help out...though,sometimes,some people are just so ignorant and ungrateful to ever bother to think bout you....how small of a role am I in their life....well,at the end of the day,i just have a inspirational quote for myself...."screw them or what they think..life live just as you want it...."