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She was Once
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the wish in return for the worst
Written at 4:01 AM on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 0 comment(s)

i have had always wished for the end of exams to come but in return for this wish,i would have to give up my friends as i know for a fact that they are going away after the exam.....because there's nothing worthwhile left for them here...this semester,after i moved in to the D block,i got really close to one of my course mate,Edna..she's going away to don't know where yet after the exams....I'll probably never see her again after that....she's been my guinea pig(to taste my food),my guidance(she helps me with my studies) and she's very kind....she always helps me when i need it...sometimes,when you don't understand something and you asked someone to help you,sometimes,they might be reluctant to help you especially in studies,they are always selfish...but 3 of my best mates in college really did help me when i need them...Carly,Edna and Stephy...after the exams,both of the 3 will be going away..thank God,there's still Carly...but Carly's really sociable and she might have lots of friends when we enter degree and she might toss me aside...nowadays,she hardly comes my room anymore...must be scared of me d.....Stephy's been my sifu and close friend ever since the first day in college....haiz....Carly is a much different case..she and me used to stay in block A and during the beginning of the course,even though we were in all the same classes,she never knew i existed....in the beginning....i remembered once when i waved to her and she turned away...how evil....i thought in my mind,so action la this "cha bor"....well,who knew,we turned out to be so close....she jumped class in Standard 3 during PTS..so smart....

cha bor=girl