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She was Once
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all alone
Written at 11:40 PM on Saturday, November 24, 2007 0 comment(s)

wanted to post this on saturday but didn't had enough time:

just now,after abby went home and edna and rainie and her hazel went to concert,the hallway looked so dark and it felt so empty...can't believe that when we return in january,it won't be the same anymore...no more edna,stephy,jess,jasmine and all those leaving one walking to class or to anywhere else with us...felt like i'm parting with my family...well,but i know that life still have to go on and i do wish them all the best and hopefully they will achieve whatever that they hope to achieve after A-Levels...girls and guys,do take care of yourself k?don't give up even when all things go the wrong way.....work hard enough and i'm sure you'll surely find your way....

wanted to post this last night but my laptop's wireless button gone haywire....now it's ok d:

just reached home and felt so tired...i don't think so i will be able to have my evil plan of sleeping for two whole days because ever since i came back home,i've been pretty busy..my mom will be going off for her meditation trip for a whole month soon and i'll be at home with my dad and god bro and sis and maid....but i will be going for holiday,someday soon....haha!well,i guess,abby seems to be the most pity one because she said she won't be going for holiday during the holidays....but her house got astro wei.....haiz...such a rich kid...and she has internet....o,btw,most of them said they wanted to open a blogspot and abby's has already started...go to my sidebar and find hers and link her la...my house has just added a few more family members....i now have a poodle and a dalmatian....yippee..shall upload their photos when i'm free...later wanna go upload the photos we snapped during graduation...84 of them..so many right....hmmmphhhhh......of course,i looked stunning that night...haha..no la...actually,i think all of us looked like clones in uniforms....hehe!

STPMers are having their exams right now and i wish them all the best....chu leng finishing her exam on the 10th...can't wait to meet up with all of them.....