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She was Once
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changes in me...
Written at 7:26 PM on Friday, November 30, 2007 0 comment(s)

my mum just cut my hair for me just now.....see...i'm so brave...i finally cut my hair d.....besides that,my mum don't have any cert for cutting hair one ok...and i let her cut my hair..how brave am i?feel so proud of myself....wakakaka!!!but it really is kinda short d now....yesterday,after my mum said she'll cut my hair in the morning,at night when i sleep,i had a nightmare u know....i dreamt that my mum cut my hair at chest length and i cried...in my nightmare ok....i've always been really frightened of haircuts because last time,a hairdresser cut my hair so damn short.....well,but i didn't cry just now....haha!!so brave la me....haha....am i not brave? *better say that i am lo* on the 15th,i'll be having a dinner..maybe then,i'll go set my hair..wakaka!i wanted to do my hair like a girl in the p&co advertisement one...btw,i'll be going for holiday for a few days and during that time,i won't be updating my blog...so,should be patient and wait for me to be back o...btw,being the poor person i am,i shall not have any money to buy any souvenirs...wakaka!and since i'll be only going to our neighbouring country,i think everyone also wouldn't want any souvenirs lo...not like some people go australia,south korea,china,taiwan and so many places....have fun guys and REALLY don't forget to bring me my souvenirs.... ^_^

P/S:i didn't post up any photos of my haircut coz really short...