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She was Once
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the countdown
Written at 2:18 AM on Thursday, November 22, 2007 0 comment(s)

13 hours 27 more minutes till i finish my last paper...wooohoooo!!!!can't wait for it to end...den after that,i wanna sleep for a very long time without worrying about not studying...and when i go back home,i really wanna sleep for at least 12 hours straight....and i wanna play whole day and not touch my books....but in another 11 hours 27 more minutes,i will be sitting for my TORT paper d....my negligence totally not prepared la..hopefully don't come out a lot of negligence questions lo...because if can avoid,i sure will avoid negligence questions one....shit la...my head so much cases now,and some are from CONTRACT...haiz....just can't wait for everything to end la...i wonder how will everyone's expression be after the last paper...sure got people will complain one..and people saying,"it's ok la...don't think about it d,over d"....and sure got people rushing back to sleep....hehe!