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She was Once
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dreams dreams dreams
Written at 1:12 AM on Sunday, November 4, 2007 0 comment(s)

these few days,when i go to bed,i'll always dream about things..i don't know if it could be considered a dream or a nightmare?i dreamt that i was with one of my friend's bro...in the dream,it felt so sweet....i kept on seducing him till he fell in love with me..haha!don comment on this part...well,when i woke up,i felt so sweet yet so wrong..i know in reality..it would've been so wrong....then the other night,i had another dream which was,my legs could stretch really long and very flexible..and i got so high up that i don need to pay to sit the bus,because i could sit on the roof....well,though having this dreams could sometimes be sweet and some nightmares too....but i would always wake up feeling much more tired...it's as if i never had any sleep....this is very tiring la.....so i decided to only sleep 2-3 hours one day and if it gets any further,i would sleep 2 days once...because if i feel too tired,i think i won't dream anymore...besides,this way,i could study more.....