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She was Once
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everyone's wishlist is out!
Written at 3:39 AM on Saturday, November 17, 2007 0 comment(s)

Abby told me today that Carly's wishlist is out on her blog d...so i decided not to visit her blog...so i won't know what she wishes to get....i also heard that all the things on her wishlist ain't cheap...and it ain't short..see la...i'm the most practical one...short and cheap stuff only...and since my wishlist came out first,i'm sure everyone had read it ade...so hopefully,when i celebrate christmas or new year,my present would be with me as well..... ^_^

Kerry will be going for vacation soon d...damn envy her la....Edna also going for holiday...Chen Hueh too....hmm,i wonder,will they think of me and buy me souvenirs during their vacation there?haha!*seriously*

P/S:i sound so evil right?always wanting present all the time....well,i probably am....besides that,i'm just such a present-hogger.....