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She was Once
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feeling sucky
Written at 1:15 AM on Friday, November 16, 2007 0 comment(s)

most of my friends finish their exams d...well,for some it is just beginning like those sitting for SPM and STPM but "fei"Shan and Phey Yee have been struggling through their exams and they're done with it d....even Priscilla finished her exams d and she went home just now..such a sucky feeling la...make me felt like being in the holiday mood d...sucky nia....not that it sucks for them but it truly suck for me....haiz....really can't wait for exams to be over la...i wanna get home d....i wanna go for a holiday....i'll be at home most of the time....sucky again.....the word 'sucky' reminds me of Rainie...the other day when we went out for football,Carly,Rainie and me,we saw some guys smoking pot...no,not the tobacco type..the sweet smelling type and well,i had always wanted to try it out but no worries..i didn't....i ask Rainie to go ask those guys to let us smoke for a little while...*we were just kidding around*....well,Rainie tried to show us how she would ask...she said,"can i suck?"...we were laughing away...if a girl went up to a guy and she said those words,what would one think?and we tried to predict what the guy would say in return....would he say:

"what?in the open?"

"come on,baby..*unzip trousers*"<--if he did this,i think i would kick him at his ball...

"no...thank you for your offer"

or..or...or...he might just scream....

p/s:this is such a random post....