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She was Once
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Fuck u Tan Wee Yeong!
Written at 10:04 AM on Sunday, November 4, 2007 0 comment(s)

shit la...early morning ade give people spoil my day d...every morning,it's my ritual to wish all those in my friends and family list a good morning....den:

Tan Wee Yeong: Good Morning.How are you?still in relationship.
he put a full stop so how the hell will i know what the fuck is he trying so mean?is he trying to say he is in a relationship or is he trying to ask me?

me: what relationship?

Tan Wee Yeong:How i know about you!You are gatal ma! ha ha ha.....
fuck u la...i can't wait to get home...i'm so gonna scratch his car and burn his house and throw red paint on his door...fuck fuck fuck!!!!arghhh!!!!

btw,he's the guy who kept advertising himself on friendster and urging others to call him....i feel so angry now....fuck la....

he said that i'm gatal because i have lots of bf before...just because he don't have anyone else to screw when he's feeling horny and all he has is his fucking hands,what right does he fucking have to say that i'm gatal?u better watch out...hopefully,my fire will burn off when i get home..or else,you are so fucking dead....