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She was Once
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Written at 7:03 PM on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 0 comment(s)

on the farewell party night,got a few people would be singing songs...kinda like super idol..haha..well,i was just thinking out loud just now,"why don't we dance instead?"...i said i could contribute the choreography of my first ever dance i did for my school performance....the title of the song is the "halfway around the world" by a*teens...i was watching their video and so many memories went through my mind...during that time,everyone wants to dance this song...i even argued with a few friends because of this...well,this was the first time i choreograph a dance and it turn out quite well....and then,a few friends of mine who was in my group sold me out to another girl who wanted to dance this dance for the gathering night which i was not going...then,i got really angry...actually,i didn't know what came over me but i think it was because they did not ask me for my permission to use this dance...silly of me right?well,sometimes,i can be really protective of my stuffs...well,in the end,they didn't use my dance and finally,we are all friends again..but thinking back of all those memories really made me feel silly and some sweet memories as well.....