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She was Once
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Written at 2:12 PM on Monday, November 12, 2007 0 comment(s)

after a whole day of not being able to online..finally....I'M BACK!i don't know why but Extreme BroadBand(EBB) shut all our Internet connection...what the heck!probably because they thought we were all short sem-ers....Carly,Natalie and me were chatting in the common room while eating McD and Nat said that she wanted to go burn down the EBB and she said that Monday sure got lots of people go the EBB centre to confront the few nerdy looking guys working there and i was thinking..if everyone went there threatening to burn down their office if they don't fix our line,how would the face of the workers look like...just thinking about that make me laugh...haha!sorry!shiok sendiri here....
sei lo...i'll be having my econs paper tomorrow...scared lo...econs had been my weakest subject all along...probably for that,i do not like it..i would prefer law over econs at any day...but i really do like all of my lecturers..they are all just as special..but i simply LOATHE exams.....hate hate hate!!!

my dear friends who are taking STPM...i wish you guys all the best and may all of you pass with flying colours...