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She was Once
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pity?did they asked for it?
Written at 3:26 PM on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 0 comment(s)

sometimes after seeing some websites,magazines or gossip tv talk about actress,singer,actor ,i reall do feel sorry for them that they are being the topic that people talk about..did they asked for it or is it just that people are just that busy body and just wanna know about everyone else's business?one such example would be britney...i think every single move she make is being watch....even when she shave her head,people wanna know why and when and what and everything else...sometimes,it's just none of our business and you guys shouldn't push her till she break down....recently,it was said that she's taking some kind of pill which would make one happy...well,ok la....i'm just as kepo as everyone else...but thank god we are not like those paparazzi chasing after the famous people....hmmm,if ever one day,my life became like this,what would i do?well,don't have to think so far because i will never be...

btw,the new SAW will be released soon d..Carly would love it so much...she's a total gore chaser..just the same as Rainie...the other day when we(Natalie and me) went for dinner with Carly and her parents,when her parents ask us what don't we eat,carly answered,"they'll eat anything"....do we look like rubbish bin....tsk tsk tsk....i don't eat many things ok...i don't eat disgusting food..i hate bitter gourd...i hate tasteless and bitter vegetables....ok la...this is just for Carly to know...so that next time she'll know i'm not a dustbin....i thought she knew me better..haiz...i know she don't eat cucumber and those vege that have a bad smell..she hates aubergine...she love the tofu from the mix rice stall in the dining hall....and the fried chicken and she loves the anchovies and peanuts which her mom brought for her from home(she loves to eat it just like that or with plain porridge)...she hates the feeling of hating people but she just can't help it because people tend to bring out the side she don't like in front of her...ok la...enough said la...if wanna write bout her can write like forever la...