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She was Once
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random thoughts of the day
Written at 7:05 AM on Thursday, November 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

i visited quite a number of my friends' blog and it seems that everyone is feeling kinda down this few days..being away from home,exams and personal problems...feel so bad for all of them...i used to feel so but knowing that my exam will be over soon and that I'll be going back home soon really made me feel much better...i don't know what I've been doing these few days...seems like I've wasted so much time....can't wait for study life to be over...i think i might be a workaholic when i start working...well,that's all in the future...sometimes,being able to predict the future might be a good thing but if you're able to predict death,i don't think so that's such a good gift.....being alive is like a lollipop..it could be colourful like the colours on it..it could be just as difficult as the process of making it and just as troublesome if it gets water and drip the sweet sweet syrup everywhere....O!what a bad metaphor...anyways,my mom will be going to Bangkok today...wish her a safe journey and don't forget to bring something back for me...^_^