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She was Once
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reply to my sis's c-box
Written at 8:02 PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 0 comment(s)

if u really don't wanna take over daddy's work,it's ok..no one will blame u one...u pick la whatever job u want..but i wanna warn u first o...the working life outside really very tough one ok...since daddy already has his own clinic d...den if u take over his job den after studying out,u ma can have your own clinic d lo..u don't have to work for someone else first or worry about the capital anymore....no one will force you to do something that you don't like one k?if you really don't wanna follow in daddy's footsteps den you tell me la...i try work things out with daddy and mummy they all la k?but make sure you think properly o....really got lots of advantages de o...