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She was Once
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Written at 3:13 AM on Sunday, November 4, 2007 0 comment(s)


if you are a lala person.. u would have :

1. a polka dot shoe WITH
2. white and black strip socks WITH
3. miniskirt and tights WITH
4. 3 layer shirt and a big strawberri hanging WITH
5. your hair covering 70% of ur face WITH
6. many clips on your head WITH
7. your pony tail looking like a rat tail (since u layered your hair TOO MUCH.)
8. normally, they would pan cute for definite.
9. loves wearing colourful3x clothes for no god damn reason.
10. wear a lot of clothes together.
11. buy rainbow clothes.
12. wear colourful clothes together. (thinking it's so KAWAII -_-)
13. have lots and lots of accesorries.
14. wear long and duo colour stockings.
15. mini skirts WITH colourful tights.
16. some would have coloured eyeliner and look even worse than a bloody pontianak. 17. have 100k hairbands on their hair.
18. put on colourful make up as if like you're gonna walk on a runway even though your just going to the bloody pasar malam.
19. paint your nails with god damn lala colours and style.
20. being laced from