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She was Once
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the tension is on
Written at 11:22 PM on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 0 comment(s)

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be damn tight la....I'll be having two very tough paper in one day and only 5 hours in between....i didn't feel the tension until now when i looked through the past year papers of Econs and realize how difficult it is...i totally let go of Econs after my Econs Paper 3....haiz....and after that,i'll be having my Contract Law..after memorising page 2, i forgot page 1...shit la...screw me....and then,the next day,i'll be having my Tort Law d...don't know what the heck is the Cambridge people's problem...give us such a timetable....bloody fools....arghh!!!damn geram la....and feeling so sleepy now...i'm going to bed soon...if not,tomorrow might not have enough sleep and might fall asleep halfway through the exam.....i feel like smacking someone right now...feeling so nervous and scared that i might not do well.....