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She was Once
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the threat of being in the presence of pretty women
Written at 3:22 AM on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 0 comment(s)

just came back from supper with Abby and Carly,two very beautiful girl who have no power to control the way they solicite people...went out for lok lok and pool but there were a few Indian Guys who keep on,"good evening","hello"...haiz...and they were neither young nor good looking....they were horny ah pek..geli...during our pool game,because Carly wanted to shoot the pool ball in,she needed some space for the cue and when the an Indian guy was blocking her way,she said "excuse me!" which ended with the ah pek thinking we wanted to talk to him....he came over to our table and started stricking up conversation which none of us wanted to continue..just kept on smiling and after a game,we went out...couldn't concentrate but the last ball was the nicest because Carly would've won but the ball even tough it ALMOST reach the hole d,the ball just wouldn't go down..so finally i won..well,most of my balls were lucky shot though... well,came back feeling so tired and wanted to go to bed but watch an episode of home alone 1 with Abby and now blog a little while and later,i'll be going off to bed d...damn tired!btw,Carly slept from 3 PM - 10 PM and we didn't went for basketball because Abby FFK-ed us because she said no one will be playing with us and Carly was sleeping the whole afternoon....Pris and Natalie and almost the whole gang will be going to Genting on the 24th of November...so nice la they all..didn't even bother to invite me...saddening....hope they have fun and get drunk that the bouncer has to drag them out of there....