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She was Once
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a time after a tough paper before another tough paper
Written at 2:16 PM on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 0 comment(s)

wa....today paper many susah la....haiz....and got a stupid invigilator,the hp keep beeping..bladiful..make me keep on losing concentration...but well,at least i finished all the questions on time though i dono how many of them are right...after that,i went for breakfast with my coursemates and they were commenting about my post before this..the one about the contact lens....i REALLY DOWAN tell you guys that i really want it...i really dowan tell u all one..serious....i was just thinking...hmmm,christmas seems to be just around the corner....what is christmas all about?hmmm,presents right...wonder what i would get for christmas....just wondering and not trying to imply anything....so in the end,i just wanna say,u guys can get me hmmm,maybe the contact lens?btw,so many people open blogs d..introducing Kerry and Natalie...if you guys wanna visit their blog den go to my Elmos and Big birds at the side bar la....tonight,there will be a basketball game...well,no one really wants to play with us...so anyone wanna come?we are noobs and we totally don't know how to play basketball.....