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She was Once
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Written at 8:23 PM on Thursday, November 15, 2007 0 comment(s)

my christmas wishlist this time around is just so short...it's practically unbelievable...well,if any of you guys notice,my christmas wishlist is out d...you guys can scroll down to the bottom and c....just two gifts only...so can share share money to buy ma...see la..i so kind..think for you all...and all those reading this....don't act as if you can't see it...it's there...big and clear....

well,the end of A-Levels is really very close d...i can't help it but seems to feel sad....well,there are some people that i just started getting to know them and it's already the end...even though,i can't wait to start my degree in January,i'm still sad that A-Levels has to end this soon...even though,it has been 18 months,the friends that i have made,made me felt so happy and i'm proud to have them as my friends...

Friends forever

Hello you, who makes me smile
I'm glad that you're here
You're existence makes my life worthwhile
To me you're very dear.

You cheer me up whenever I'm down
You're always there for me
When I'm in need, then you're in town
Your kindness sets me free.

We don't always agree on things
Sometimes we even fight
Anytime when I return under your wings
We always set things right.

Time will fly and you might go
To where is still not clear
But when you leave I'll let you know
My heart will keep you near.