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She was Once
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10 more days
Written at 2:23 AM on Saturday, December 15, 2007 0 comment(s)

i'll be going back to college soon...so..so...so soon....can't believe it that my holidays will be ending so so soon d...after that,i'll only be coming back home one chinese new year...this time when i come back,i really feel distant from all my hometown friends d...and i just found out that some people just don't grow any more matured even when they age....i just wished for once,i could have some non back stabbing sluts friends....for goodness sakes,how old d..still wanna act like small kids...i realized that during my A-Levels graduation,even though i've only spend 18 months or less with them,our time were much more sweeter and we were closer..i cried so badly during that graduation that my eyes swell the next day....during my form 5 graduation,even though i did cry but i did not felt that sad...because i knew that i was free..free from my back stabbing days and free from sluts and bitches..i'm just glad that my college isn't like some other colleges where some mates of mine complain of having pain in the butt course mates.....i wonder how many houses i'll visit during chinese new year...there are only less than 10 mates that i'm close with right now....maybe at 30,i might be friendless....