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She was Once
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am i that bad of a person?
Written at 2:45 AM on Thursday, December 6, 2007 0 comment(s)

heart disease,kidney and liver failure,high cholesterol,obesity and many other illnesses are taking over the globe like a huge tsunami....sometimes,at home,i do control what my family members especially my parents eat because growing older comes with much sickness and though one do not wish to have any of those,it still comes together as a package of being human....today,hearing a friend of mine complaining about how her parents dislike to hear her commenting always about what they eat,i felt guilty and i wonder....i once read a comic strips which a bird said,"it's fun being a bird,i could fly anywhere i want and be free"..a fish said,"I'm glad I'm a fish,i could swim so far into the ocean and anywhere i like..." but then,a little boy said,"it's no fun being a bird or a fish,being a human is the best,i can catch you guys(the bird and the fish) to be eaten....funny?well,my point is not to make you guys laugh..what I'm trying to say is,eating is a part of the pleasure of being a human...if one is no longer able to eat what one desire..would that be torture?sometimes,i feel when i restrict my parents from eating something because i know the content of that thing is really bad for them and i know how much they like to eat it,i do feel very heartache because it felt like taking away something so dear to one...picture this,during a wedding dinner,butter prawns are served and your dad simply loves to eat it,especially the head....knowing that eating it would cause your dad's cholesterol to go sky high,would you still allow him to eat...Prawns have 99kcal per 100g...but in your mind,you know that it's his favourite....and even though they do try their best to keep in mind that they can't eat that much of those stuffs,you guys know right,the whole table is filled with lots of people who kept on eating and if you don't eat,they'll say,"eat more la,don't be shy"...OMG..who the heck would be shy if it's healthy and tasty food?we paid for our share of food OK....some more got extra...

my mui has just finished her SPM/O-Level and she's now finding her path after this....it would be a tough decision to make because you have to think of what really interest you and which path your ability could bring you....i wish you all the best in your choice and may you pick the right path....and hopefully the right college too...if there's anything i could help you with,do let me know OK?

thanks guys for accompanying me today...nice to have girl-to-girl talk once in a while..thanks for keeping me update on your life.....