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She was Once
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family outing!
Written at 3:47 AM on Sunday, December 9, 2007 0 comment(s)

tomorrow,going out with my dad,god bro,his friend and my sis again....can't wait for it...it's been a really long time ever since i've been to an outing with my family probably because i've been in my college all these months and hardly ever get to spend any time at home...i really want my parents,my family members,especially my sis to know that i really treasure every moment we spent together...because we don't know how long we are able to live or how long are those people that we care about are able to live...i really treasure what i've been blessed with...a family who treats me well and though we have our own troubles but at least we are able to go through them together....these few days,i kept telling and sms-ing my sis,"i love you" and she kept saying that i'm annoying and irritating....well,hell yea!i am irritating and annoying but that just me and that's the way i show you that i love you...do keep in mind k?no matter what happened and happens,i will always always protect you...with every bones,flesh,fats,skin..i shall protect you till my very last breath....i will try my best to not let anyone hurt you k?so no matter what trouble you get into,you need to share it with me k?

p/s:why can't i have a boyfriend who says all these stuffs to me.....