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She was Once
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moody nia...
Written at 4:04 AM on Monday, December 24, 2007 0 comment(s)

been really moody these few days..yesterday,had a friends' gathering at auto city..not many of them came but to tell the truth,i couldn't be bothered....i know it's wrong of me to say so but i really don't wish to tell lies or act as a part of a lie...though,it may seem that everything looks OK and that everyone is past the "end-of friendship" part,there is still something there...i know it may seem like I'm really "small gas" but i really can't help it....that's just who i am....meeting up with them was great.seeing how so many of them has changed.....but i felt really suffocated.....i couldn't get the image of how i was being betrayed and how they had used me.....maybe i might cause a great reaction with this post of mine but what i say here is how i feel...so,if you wanna screw me,fuck off......sorry for being so rude....and sorry for not being able to put all those behind me.....maybe one day,one day soon,i'll be able to put this behind me.....

P/S:Hsu Leng,sorry for gong off in a rush and not be able to spend more time with you...maybe next time......next time, we shall go out together again k?