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She was Once
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Sunway Carnival Mall
Written at 1:25 AM on Saturday, December 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

today,went to Sunway Carnival Mall with my sis in the afternoon to buy movie ticket and then later on my dad,god bro and his friend came...actually,i went to Sunway because i wanted to register for a postpaid number and i finally did..i got a new number d and my sis sub a number under me....quite a nice number but i think i won't give a lot of people this number....but this number is really nice and i like it quite a lot....then,later on,we went and watch the Golden Compass....bought some stuff from SaSa and now i'm damn poor....haiz.....den after that,i trade in my phone and i bought a new phone d...really can't tahan the old phone la...everything also spoil d....tomorrow,for lunch,i shall make lamb chop....tomorrow morning,feel like going to market...hopefully,i'll be able to wake up lo...

P/S:long distance relationships won't work well....or maybe,it's just me...