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She was Once
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worries for the future generation
Written at 3:00 AM on Sunday, December 9, 2007 0 comment(s)

these few days,i've been really silly for i've been bickering with a small kid in my sis c-box...that person is very silly and childish and i guess,i shouldn't bother bout her/him....the fight started because of some silly things....i should've ignored him/her from the beginning...well,yea!that's what i'm gonna do now...and worst of all is...being such a small kid and he/she wrote in the c-box that i was frightened of him/her and you know those lala type of kids...little little will use those,"what?scared of me a?come out la..."..i should've forgive him/her...still young...still having a childish thinking...well,if wanna meet den come lo...i have a fear...if that kid is my daughter(as she say she is),i would be worried now...what kind of a daughter am i having....i fear for the generations to come...just now,when i was talking to my dad and sis...i was saying...kids nowadays no longer no how to think...whatever that they want,they will want it no matter what ways they get it...stealing from parents,from the shop,hitting their parents,borrowing from ah long..sometimes,as an outsider,when we look in,we might feel it is something funny...but when reality hit,we'll know ther true feeling....anyways,i was telling my dad that if kids in the later generation are to be these type of kids,i don't think they'll be useful people in the future....i said,if the generation to come really is that bad,i would rather not have any kids at all...being the poor person that i am,i would only have enough to spend for my lifetime....so even if i have extra money,i don't have to worry over who will fight who for the properties....i could die peacefully and even if i might die alone,i would still be peaceful...hopefully,the small kid(not only the one from my sis's c-box but those from the coming generations,do realize your mistake and please turn over a new leaf...

p/s:this is such a deep post....btw,if that kiddo is reading this....__!__