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She was Once
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Written at 9:55 PM on Thursday, January 17, 2008 0 comment(s)

the previous post i wrote it wasn't about you...i was having some family problems and i needed to talk it over with someone so i went off early last night..which i'm sorry for...yesterday,it was Bin Bin who asked me to asked you out...see,what i'm really unhappy about is everyone making assumptions about what i did and that led to everyone thinking too much...i didn't say anything but whatever pain and hatred i felt,i kept it inside...there's many things which i felt which no one else might understand..i never felt that i was the smartest...i just have some problems which i just wanted to let it out...i felt hurt for so many things but i shall just forget about it because i don't want to ruin our friendship...and in class,abby called you and i called you but you just didn't hear and i wasn't trying to make you embarrased or anything...i called you softly but you never heard me and you thought that i wanted you to get in trouble....if it's what you think of me,then let it be....i'm always at fault and i just wanna tell all those who felt worried about me,i'm ok...but if you felt like i may be a bitch or a slut...let it be....i wouldn't have that much strength to explain it to everyone....i felt really down that i couldn't be who i am and having felt so sad....the last time i felt that sad was when i lost contact with all my friends and knew that a lot of them where back stabbers....i never thought this would happened again in college..well,maybe what you said is right..i should learn to look at why people back stab me all the time....maybe it's me...my life is just meant to be this way..

P/S:i'm sorry to all who i've hurt....i never meant for it to happen....everything which happened was all my fault and i shall bear full responsibilty for it....