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She was Once
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fuck this feeling!!
Written at 5:09 PM on Tuesday, January 15, 2008 0 comment(s)

it's been quite long ever since i felt this way but guess what...the feeling's back....i found out yesterday a friend of mine back stabbed me way way deep inside....i though it was over but i guess,human will always be human..no matter whatever we did,they just will try to control you and make you sad....GOD....why in the fucking world did she wanted to do that...i appreciate her friendship very much and in return,this is what i get....screw it....i will do what i want,when i want....you might think I'm stubborn but i don't try to control what you do with your fucking life may you be a prostitute or may you be a priest....so what the fucking hell is wrong with you....i wanted to continue on with this friendship and act as though nothing happened..but there's a thorn in my heart...i desperately needed to pull it out....friends?are there really true friend?or is it just a myth?if you fucking don't like what i do,just fucking say it to my face,why do you find the need to tell anyone else?shit...I'm cursing so much....i was really pissed off yesterday....it really felt really really hurtful....it's just like a friend you really trust,tried their very best to condemn you...you could really get an Oscar for your acting...i need time to forgive and forget this....i really do and i really hope i will because i don't want to give up on this friendship just yet...can't you just support me when i need you....i thought that was what friends do?i guess i was wrong....