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She was Once
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A-Levels results!
Written at 11:06 PM on Thursday, January 17, 2008 0 comment(s)

took my A-Levels results today....my parents were glad that i met the minimum requirement but i was actually quite disappointed in myself....i retook my business paper because i thought i did badly but now,it's even worst...i had so much faith in it and was quite surprise when i saw my results...that's when the tears started pouring down....i had never cried because of my results before as i had never aimed for anything...i guess i was just reaching out for something which couldn't have had been mine....thanks to all who consoled me and i know it may not be the end of the world but at that particular moment,it felt like it....the feeling of disappointing oneself is even greater then the feeling of disappointing someone else....that is why i never pressure myself and i never expect....i did not regret for i had tried my best but i guess,my best just isn't good enough...