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She was Once
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racist?are we the same?
Written at 1:20 PM on Sunday, January 13, 2008 0 comment(s)

recently,i met a few international friends and i don't know but i kind of understand how they felt..it sort of like was when i went Cambodia and it really felt like i'm an outcast...i hardly speak their language and they really slaughter us like mad...well,a friend of mine got kicked out of his room even though it's obviously is Accomodation Office's fault....i think INTI is trying to pick on international students...it somehow felt kinda unfair...why do people have to lie and cheat all the time....well,i hope people would learn to be better and stop being so inconsiderate all the time...

well,on with another story...Carly Yap lost her room keys for two consecutive days..so careless la she....tsk tsk tsk....

something happened yesterday which i felt kinda happy but yet unsure...so i shall not blog about it yet maybe someday soon.....

tomorrow my new laptop will be coming d...yea yea...and it's pink in colour....woo hoo!!!!