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tired nia.....
Written at 7:33 PM on Thursday, January 10, 2008 0 comment(s)

just came back from mid valley...feeling so tired...wanted to lie on my bed and sleep for the rest of my life but after bathing...no longer feel that tired anymore...right now,i feel kinda sick....probably from being so tired and not having enough sleep....today,i bought my formal clothing which costs me so much...it's scary....after counting the receipts,i felt so guilty as i had spent so much money in a day....if it wasn't for the legal career fair this Saturday,i don't think so i would go get the formal clothing so fast....felt really guilty lo....i don't even feel like spending anymore of my parent's money for Chinese New Year clothes....i already had a set at home so probably just one set for the first day would be sufficient....can't wait to go back home for chinese new year....it's not that I'm looking forward for the "ang pows" though it's not that I'm not....but i really miss all my cousins and my family....hope to spend the few days INTI gave us to the maximum.....INTI is kinda retarded i think....they gave us holidays on the 2Nd of February to the 10Th of February...even though it's very long but what the heck for?i mean,chinese new year is on the 7th and 8th and the reunion dinner is on the 6th...so what the heck for they gave us such a long holiday but not intending for us to spend it for chinese new year....sometimes,i just hate INTI so much...but i really do love it all the same....confusing?hmmmm,a lot of people would share the same feelings as what i felt so i guess,it shouldn't be confusing....

i'll be getting a big bear soon....yea yea!i think i might just bring it back here...haha!

my parents and siblings will be coming down on the 24th of January as my dad will be getting a cert from a prince from UK....can't wait to see them..they'll be staying over at my uncle's house on Thursday and then in a hotel in time square the next day...can't wait for Friday's class to be over....

ang pow=red packet