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She was Once
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an unlucky day?
Written at 9:22 PM on Friday, January 11, 2008 0 comment(s)

today,after coming back from class and after bathing,i sat down in front of my laptop...out of nowhere,my sister called me...she had never called me before so i thought it was something important....i turned around and i dragged the cable and everything fell down including my laptop.....and the screen broke and to repair it,i need to spend at least RM 1500 so,i thought since it was so expensive,i might as well get a better and cheaper one....so now i'm using Carly's laptop....damn saddening leh..haiz.....maybe it could be considered an unlucky day but on the other side,i guess now i could focus more on my studies d..haha....well,hopefully everything will be all right la....