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She was Once
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mix n match?good fashion statement?
Written at 2:11 AM on Monday, February 25, 2008 0 comment(s)

what is it with everyone and my mix and match shoes?everyone keeps making comments about them....i wore these shoes because......the story is that,one day,Carly,me,Jasmine,Jess and Kai Yang decided to go to GIANT to get something for something la....so we went there and there was this huge sales on slippers which i quite like...it only cost about RM 3 or so....so,Carly got a pair of blue slippers and i got a pair of red ones....we decided to take one side of each other and that is why i got a pair of mis-match slippers and i think it sort of represents our friendship together and i like it just the way it is...so i wish everyone would stop trying to steal my slippers and buy me slippers and stop asking me why when i've already told you why like a million times d,k?