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She was Once
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Written at 10:53 PM on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

suddenly i feel so guilty and sad..i feel like i'm wasting my parents money when they could've taken this money to go for holidays and travel around the world,when my dad could've retire and if only i was born earlier..i could've started working now and i wish i could pay back my parents for taking such good care of me and just being my parents..i love them so much and i miss home loads now....oh,i feel like going home now...i always have butterflies in my tummy these few days,as if something bad is going to happen....i don't know..hopefully,it's just my feelings..hopefully,i'm just wrong...

a poem of the net:
Am been lonely for a year
Am lonely, relenquished no one near
Running after false dreams

Am wasted, looking those elusive future's reflections
In life's perpetual streams
My life totally bizzare
Its me and my false apprehensions
Those gloomy imaginations and dreams to stare
Don't know I be at top
But my life now is a boring squib, a big flop
With no cheers
Juss fears
Fears of loosing it out
Loosing it out in a blind
Mad ratrace to know where
I am totally consumed
My mind, my soul been tottally fumed
Fumed by thoughts of doing somethin
But my presents in rocks, its only a dark sere nothin
Sometimes when looking my shadow
I always laughs at
Laughs At the way
it Still moving a vivid hay
After vanquished by life's cruel strays
Wanna know my schedules,
Its follows no biological rules
Its tottaly churned in daily moilam in groans off that burning turmoil
A stroll to earn a name,Running to pull my life a fame
Once you trounced my life
With your sharp edgy knives
Trying forget
But How can I
Those wounds are still raw
With my heart ebued in agony's and wrath
These wounds now in my essence
My heart dead, no feelings.
No thoughts off life's presence
But someday, strikes a silver lining
My life's be renewed with precating rhymes
I will give my life away
To form a new way
Way to my life's pinaacle
Way to my ascent

Though lots of spelling errors but i do understand what she's trying to potray...do keep up the good work..