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She was Once
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is there a difference?
Written at 10:53 PM on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

is there a difference between being friendly and being a slut?is there even a word known as "over-friendly"?sometimes,when a person starts being friendly to you,it's just because she's just like that...and guys should stop thinking about getting into her pants...man,sometimes,it's just difficult being no matter who you are...a friend of mine stated that when a girl starts being friendly,everyone wanna get into her pants and thinks that she's offering sex but if a guy starts being friendly,everyone runs away...see how hard it is just being no one...

Mid-sessionals is just around the corner and man,am i not prepared for it...Constitutional law turn out to be much more difficult then what i thought it would be...the rest of the law are just tough but at least they have more cases to support...just hope to be able to pass all my papers instead of heading for A's....

i just found out that guys gossip way more then girls and their mouth are really like chicken backside....guys,do learn to control yourself and stop gossiping about every single thing around you...