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She was Once
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raining yet the heat is on
Written at 10:53 PM on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

the weather these few days is blazing hot...even with rain,it still felt warm and as usual,i felt sleepy in such heat....i miss home so much....can't wait to be back home...i felt lonely and alone in a foreign place...everything and everyone look foreign and different to me...are all humans judgemental?well,i would have to say that some are not but when u know someone is good to u, please do not take advantage of it and climb on top of their head...everyone has limits to their anger ya...even if one can control their anger very well,but it will burst if one keep pushing on it...anyone,if there are still people reading my blog,please don feel offended by this post as i didn't mean to pinpoint anyone as it's just a general and random post....

i feel fear with every heartbeat i felt...i feel fear of seeing people...fear in every word people say...doubt everything...and in the end,one would just die feeling that way....so,i don't wanna fear fear and i wanna be able to stand up and face it....i wanna be strong for myself and for everyone who trusted me...