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She was Once
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dearest little sister of mine
Written at 6:52 AM on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 0 comment(s)

dear szien,

my dear little sister,listen to what i have to say and listen well k?no matter how pigs guys can be,there's always always a guy out there for you...there's always a guy out there who won't force you into doing stuffs you don't like,there's always a guy out there,who would like you just the way you are,no matter how fat or thin you claim to be,no matter how imperfect you see yourself as...he'll love you just the way i love you and see you as perfect as i see you as...i love you so much as my sister and i wanna make sure that nothing bad ever happened to you...i want you to have a perfect future with everything perfect in it...no matter how imperfect you see your life as,always know that i'll be behind you all the way cleaning up all the mess you made k?always know that there will always always be me there for you....and trust me,one day,you'll find your perfect guy and i put my life on it....

because up till now,you'd never been in a relationship with a girl and you've been in a relationship with a guy and he treated you badly,that's why you don't know how it feels like to have the perfect guy treat you correct way....love like you've never been hurt before....to tell you the truth,love hurts everytime..no matter with a girl or a guy k?that's what happens in relationship..that's why it takes a lot of hardship for two people to be together....no matter how many things they have in common,there will always be arguments and making up..that's what love is all about..i've been where you've been before so i understand what you're going through..at least now,i need you to know there's always someone to give you advice whenever you feel lost k?love you...love you so very much...