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She was Once
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dedicated to the one person who almost broke my heart
Written at 6:52 AM on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 0 comment(s)

it almost ended just now....i'm afraid to trust again?will that happen again?love is not a game and it's not something that one can quit whenever one wants and whenever one decides to bring it back....it might be a game if you're a player but right now,all i want is one true love because i've been toying with love long enough...i don't want this one to end...i want it to last but if it can't..........

God Teach Me To Let Go
God Tell me how can I move on,Please teach me to let go,Show me how can I be strong,Because that’s something I don’t know,
God please teach me to let goAnd stop my heart from crying,Show me how to stop caring So I can stop my heart from dying,
God please show me to be coldSo I will never get hurt again,Please teach me not to fallPlease tell me this is not the end,
Tell me that I will be okay Please tell me this will be over soon,Please teach me not to give it allSo my heart won’t burst again like a balloon.