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She was Once
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home sweet home
Written at 9:00 AM on Monday, April 21, 2008 0 comment(s)

i know i know..it's been days since i came back and i haven't updated my blog...sorry ya dears....anyways,it's been really hectic this few days as many things have had happened..i do miss college but i still love my home the best....i know my time back home is limited thus,i'm trying to spend it to the fullest...hope everyone else's enjoying their holiday as well....well,Nelson(my classmate) will be coming down to visit Penang later and we'll be bringing him out for gai gai (walk walk) later..something happened to my laptop previously and now,it's finally fixed...even though not as good as it used to be,i still appreciate the job my friend did on my laptop...thanks ya...but as usual...still as slow as hell...haha!well,later going out to go fetch Chen Hueh and i think that cha bo still haven't wake up yet....tsk!tsk!tsk!so pig right....haiz...how come pretty girls are always like this...saddening right....