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She was Once
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it's bad!
Written at 5:20 AM on Sunday, April 13, 2008 0 comment(s)

feeling so agitated and irritated...shit la..thanks for spoiling my day...i hate being cranky and people would hardly have the opportunity to see me this way...i hate being this way and i feel like screaming my head off...wish i was back home,then i could've driven to the beach and scream like no one's business...i miss those time when wei loon would've bring me to the beach and scream then try to act as if it wasn't us...miss those times when my friends would bring tit bits and drinks and pig out....and eat those chocolates till we can't have another bite....i miss those times when i was sad,i know i'll always have a hug....even when it's 4 in the morning....i miss everyone...but everything had changed.....some things changed for the better and some thing took a wrong turn....but,i do cherish every part of my life even when i do wish i could erase some of them...i do miss those times when Edna was here and i would pour my heart content to her...i miss those times when Stephy would listen to me when i sigh and complain to her and not reply me with,"everyone has problems,not only you"...i miss those times with the main pussycat dolls and snoop dogs...i just miss those old sweet times...and remember those times when i tried to force feed Edna and she'll keep complaining,"ayo,fat d la"....

i hate needing to feel sad and guilty and that i have a need to explain every single fucking thing i do to everyone...i hate having someone not trust me when i needed that most...i hate having to feel regret for everything i did and i especially hate it when i feel used....shit....shitty day....shitty paper tomorrow...shitty first sem....everything just feel so shitty today....

i shall just tell myself,
"it'll be a new day tomorrow..."
i know i won't be this way tomorrow....I'll just return to be my own cheerful self...the way i like myself and the way everyone sees me...

shit EBB...why the fucking hell is our internet getting worst and worst?shit...

P/S:fuck la..can't even upload a fucking photo...what the fuck is wrong with this shitty day?