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She was Once
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back in INTI
Written at 6:07 PM on Monday, May 5, 2008 0 comment(s)

finally back in INTI....Just the second day of class but can really feel the pressure of this semester d...results was bad....as expected lo..didn't really put all my effort into it..anyway,life in INTI back to normal d...but planning to take less afternoon naps and sleep like a normal person..really need to change back my biological clock....no more afternoon naps...but because of this,i feel extremely tired during the day....neways,next week,our consti lecturer will give us our assignments question which we'll be given two months to prepare...even though two months may seem to be a long period of time but really can't slack..not only because of the 10% the assignment consist of but also because i don't wanna be procastinating anymore...don't wanna slack that much anymore...THAT MUCH k...not TOTALLY DON'T WANNA SLACK.....

tomorrow my class is from 11-2...damn...should totally go to bed now...ABBY still not back from her rural camp training...she's really busy nowadays but girl,still gotta take good care of yourself...don't go to class with that puffy eyes anymore k?